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1" hard-enamel pin in gold w/ black glitter and trans. black.

I first created this pin in 2015 and I remain very proud of it: it encapsulates so many different and complicated feelings in such a tiny little circle.

I wrote in-depth about how this pin was a bit of a response (from me) to what I was seeing in the 'pin community' at the time and here we are, about 5 years later, and I stand by it.

I did take the opportunity of this reissue to plus things a bit: specifically, the introduction of some glitter is always nice, and I also reworked the eye/pupil so it reads a bit easier.

Still, the first thing I wrote about this design is still the most poignant:


A constant reader will recognize my eye of disillusioned torpor, as I've used it in various places before. The legend surrounding it is, well, pretty close to home, actually. It kind of hurts...and of course, I bet I was trying to make it hurt when I wrote it.

The caption I used the first time I posted (a different color of) this pin to Instagram is still most fitting:

#tfw you'll know it when you see it.