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Vinyl figure cast in mixed parts; tribute-painted by DSKI-ONE. 6.5"Have I ever tried to make any bones about the sheer volume of Rat Fink DNA that lurks deep inside the Zinewolf? No. I have not. A teeny tiny dark little secret: his (Zinewolf's) original working title was 'Hateball's unFink' and, well, that speaks for itself-ish.

Ultimately, the diversification that followed that initial burst of plagiarism was a good thing...and hence you have this zanier, less-relatable autobiographical platform called, well, Zinewolf. But I never forgot. I'll never forget. The bastardization of Mickey Mouse that is Rat Fink is in constant float above the left should of our hero, and this colorway was planned in homage to that fact from the start.

And now here it is. And there are less than usual of them.

Huge thanks to David (DSKI-ONE) for making a dude's dreams come true. *flies emoji*