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Two fullsize vinyl and two keshi figures; w/ 20-page zine.So it's pretty obvious, right? In the grand scheme of things, with all things considered, Hateball is a Spider-Man person. Not a Batman person; Superman doesn't even rate, and it's pretty silly to compare a singular and complex hero with a group or a team like X- or League so even if I didn't WANT to love Spider-Man more than I love anything else, I'd HAVE to love Spider-Man more than I love anything else.

He's the only real choice.

And so! A release that I've wanted to do since the inception of Zinewolf is upon us. The Showdown. A deconstructed exploration into the hows and whys of Spider-Man toys, Spider-Man's maddeningly dumbass and yet somehow sort of charming relationship with Green Goblin, and the question of whether or not Zinewolf can be tastefully painted if the right context is provided.

It should be said that I am so excited about the germ of my own personal humanity that this set represents that I am providing a disproportionate value to an increasingly tiny pool of potential purchasers. The contents that you will receive are:
  • Two Zinewolves, each in mimicry-mixed-vinyl in green/purple and red/blue respectively, and each tastefully painted for effect.
  • Two keshi Zinewolves, each marbled in green/purple and red/blue respectively.
  • A full-color zine discussing the hero/villain and the duality/dichotomy within oneself.
  • Some cool erasers that are for Halloween but also work in this context.
  • Some Spider-Man tattoos.
  • A Spider-Man patch.

You are in for a treat, my friends. Truly.

A big thank-you to Candie Bolton for the help with the paint. She executed my exact vision exactly.