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Custom polished-brass Zippo™ Lighter, and 3/4" enamel pin. (Lighter is etched on both sides.)The last time I worked with Zippo lighters, I made designs that were intended specifically for that medium, and was able to weave a deeply personal and/or...idk...bit more precious web around them. It turned into a statement project. And I loved that project. And you seemed to like it too.

This time around, however, I wanted to just have fun, and so I took a few of my existing character-based designs and paired them with some of my more conversational/conversation-starting epithets and—yep—lighters.

My understanding of people who smoke is that they're constantly finding themselves on porches and patios and balconies and rooftops and in doorways together and when the chat about who has the smokes and who has a light and who's trying to quit and who's going to hate having to get up early to go to work tomororw is over, that maybe they'd like to ponder a sweet little slice of existential nihilism and maybe all they need is a nudge in that direction via a friendly ghost. Or a queen of a robot. Or of an unknowable shadow.

It's a theory, sure. Let's see if it holds any water.

These are the authentic thing and deeply etched on both sides and (new!) on the flip-side of the spine for an added littel griptape effect.

This design—Suffer—pairs our favorite three-eyed golden protocol droid with a little broken haiku I wrote especially for him. It's a play on a quote from IV "We were made to's our lot in life." We were, actually. All of us were. But dude have you ever had a boss? A parent? Someone in your life you are accountable to? Yeah...there is no pleasing that person because they are unpleasable because they don't understand anything. And here you are...forced to just keep doing you.

Also available as a part of this 'Character Flaws' set are Construct, and #Never.