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3.5" felt patch hand-appliqued to 4.5" black canvas patch.I suppose the point of this little thing (I hate saying 'product' but I guess that's the most applicable) is that it's important to not be too precious about things you've done in a previous life.

As may or may not be clear, I wear a lot of these patches on my own jacket, and I try to wear that jacket as frequently as possible...I really want to just have a uniform that defines me and makes up 'how I look'.

When creating my current shell/armor, I needed to make some room...I needed to be smart about real-estate. And it just very accidentally and organically happened that I laid a Beholdim patch (from the Arcane Sigil line) on top of a Boxcar Cadavers/Mars Volta tribute patch and boom. Beholdim Cadavers was born.

You're essentially getting two patches here...some of them have blood from my fingers (not really but spiritually) on them since I suck at sewing. #thimbleGod