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Well shoot: it's been quite the year already, eh? I'll move on to telling you something you don't already know; resume the saying and spraying, as it were.

I have spent the entire pandemic lockdown feeling very, very lazy. I did a big project with you all in June (Unofficial Ghost Capsule) and since then, it's been incredibly difficult to prioritize anything.

Or that even true?

Not exactly. As it turns out...I've been pretty busy! I've been puttering and tinkering and—yeah—working on new stuff almost constantly....some could say even at a more feverish pace than before.

I just haven't been marketing it or saying anything about it at all, which amounts to that dreadful feeling of 'if nobody buys it or likes it or shares it or comments on it, did you even really do it?'

So it goes. That vicious cycle everybody always talks about.

So here's a jump into the deep-end to try and break that cycle.

I've spent the summer feverishly attempting to upskill my mold-making and resin casting skills. I've been blessed with some incredible god-level advice and tutelage from He Whom Shan't Be Named, and as a result, I'm only kind of terrible at it now.

My end goal is to of course broaden my horizons and sculpt/prototype more original creations, but, while I'm learning, bootlegging existing and favorite and cherished toys just makes incredible sense to me.

It's very—very—satisfying to all of a sudden have something you love...but again and in a different color than you chose.

As we all know: perfect practice makes perfect. I'm not at any level of perfection yet, but I do believe that some of these little plastic chunks are good enough to be let out of the building...and as such: I'm prepared to share them with you here.

Each bag will come with 5-7 randomly pulled toys. Every bag will have a Lilith, and you'll either get a larger-size Ghostbusters Ghost or a Weebly Catbus.

I hope you enjoy this lil trickrtreat thing I'm trying to do at the last possible second.

The full character list is something like this:

  • Lilith (From Evangelion)
  • C-3po Head
  • Catbus (Weeble)
  • Ghostbusters Ghost w/ Feet
  • Piranha Plant
  • Kamen Rider Chibi Leader
  • Wolf Boy Yokai
  • Spider Guy
  • Catbus (Small)
  • Squashed Frankenstein
  • Big-Head Keshi