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Hand-made copper lighter sheath—laser-etched on both sides.NOTE: This item is a preorder and will be availabile for purchase through 7/13/18. Manufacture and finishing will commence after that date, with projected delivery estimated for mid-August. -HB

I'm not a smoker but there have been some pretty key figures in my life who smoke and so I have this fascination with lighters. As has been the case with other lighters I've done, when I'm coming up with each specific design, I try to imagine two things: one, being electrified and/or somehow affected by knowing you have this very weird and singular totem in your pocket. it's in there, rubbing around, getting old, wearing and tearing, and you are forced to remember that every time you sit down. And two: what must it be like to be out somewhere and someone asks you for a light and you give them one and they see this lighter...what must that conversation be now?


I fantasize often about cutting everyone out, walking away, and buring it all down behind me. This was one of those times where my hands felt huge as I mashed through the design process and kicked and screamed and panted and exhausted all the smoke and laughed at the end of it. Felt good to get it out.