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Extra-large black canvas tote bag. 23" W x 17" H x 6" D.
Bottom gusset; velcro closure; printed on both sides.
Note: these will be printed alongside the 2081 capsule collection and ship in December.

The crazy thing is that I used to hate totebags. I don't know why...I just thought they were useless. Boy was I wrong.

Ever since Sacramento passed their grocery bag law (the one that makes you pay for paper or plastic bags at checkout), I've tried to be pretty diligent about carrying bags with me.

And that has sort of grown into yet another collection...yet another case of light addiction, and it's made me realize just how much fun you can have with accessorizing your fit with a bag.

That, and to be honest, my girlfriend has been bugging me for some time to make her a bag that is big enough to replace the Victoria's Secret one she uses as a literal overnight bag. I was oh-so-happy to oblige her.

This design started as an idea for an interior print of the THFNUL bag. I've spent so much time watching a certain special lady rummage around blindly in her bag that I thought it'd be a cool gimmick to do an all-over GID print on the INSIDE of a bag...maybe it could illuminate things. Alas. I changed my mind (and the logistics of all-over/inside printing did not fit my budget and timeline sensibility).

That all said, I'm very happy with homage to some of the 'frontsides' from capsule collections past and present. I love these little emblems and honestly, they're the most lasting pieces of design I create. Often these will become/have been pins or other little sigilia. Kind of reminds me that Arcane Sigil is a thing and, oh yeah, I'm kind of good at that.