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5" die-cut patch on black canvas.Hopelessly—shamelessly!—devoted to indicating to you and everyone else (but don't you dare ask me about it!) how intelligent I am by way of my taste in literary talismana.

Additionally! The Friz Quadrata love affair continues to aid and/or abet someone such as myself in cross-breeding a punk-roots incredibility with a completely different kind of roots maneuver cum...something.

I have a history of using my most beloved authors and musicians to try and help express my own flair for sadness and melancholy. I've expounded upon the likes of PK Dick, Saul Williams, The Mars Volta, John Gardner, and Stephen King/Frank Herbert/HP Lovecraft in the past, and so now Ted Hughes gets the same treatment.

If you haven't read Crow: From the Life and Songs of The Crow then you should because it is unquestioningly superb. I have a theory about Crow which I won't necessarily bore you with at this particular moment, but needless to say, I believe that "Crow's Fall" and "Two Legends"—the latter of which is the source of this famous quote about me, er, Crow—are perfect. When Crow was white, indeed.

I've never related so deeply, sadly, and triumphantly with a literary figure as I have with John Gardner's Grendel. But Crow...he's nothing if not a pure inspiration toward something that could never (nor should ever) be. But still: damn.