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48 page zine. Full Color
5.5" x 8.5". Edition of 50.
Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? I have.

Have you ever realized that instead of choking on this huge bite you just took, you actually kind of got it to fit in your mouth and you can like, chew it a little bit at time? Sort of systematically take apart and process this thing that threatend to kill you for a minute? And then realize that you actually enjoyed eating it once you got past that first scary part?

That's how this project is. The original Outsiderism was created in a very deep, dark time and was really just an excuse to repurpose an essay I had written about my job in some sort of indelible way. Son of Outsiderism brought my son into the picture and—I think?—tried to turn those same dark-ish musings into a type of guidebook for him...something for him to read later. Both of which couch these essays into a bed of photos of vests with various patches on them.

This volume is intended to show the patches from my collection that haven't made it onto a vest (I was vestless at the time of making this...in-between vests) and that sort of turned into wanting to document a 'scene' that's developed and that I am evidently a part of...that being patch sellers and makers who hang out on Instagram and promulgate the #patchgame hashtag.

Showcases and Interviews with the likes of FLTodd, Explorer's Press, No Fun, Inner Decay, Daggers for Teeth, and Mr. Patchgame himself are included. It's a fun volume that the printer only fucked up a tiny bit.