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Rubber treasure-box toy cast in bright orange. 3.5"The treasure box is alive and well. Gourdon is alive and well.

The *real* story of this little fellow is fairly nebulous: he could actually be the brains behind Mr. Zinewolf after all. Or he could be a cute little buddy. Or both.

Regardless of all that, this miniature Halloween-fiend has everything it should take to make you smile and ask him questions about your life and what you should do...just like you presumably already do with Therefore Ghost. These are scions I'm sending you for life-guidance.

You may recognize Gourdon's hat, sure, but you may also be interested to know that you've seen his legs before too...this toy is a 100% bootleg-mashup of Zinewolf parts, a glowstick topper from All Hallows-past, and the legs of a costumed young boy who just cannot catch a break.

I could not have brought this little friend to life without the experitse and efficiency of Mr. Trutek...very very grateful for his help and in awe of his production talents.

Welcome to the family, Gourdon. Please stay.