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3.5" merrowed-edge patch. 100% embroidery.Donald Duck and Tupac Shakur are the same in that my love for each is boundless.

They are both so deeply entrenched into the history—the memory—of the world that there is absolutely no no no claim that can be laid upon them within that context, and yet, I beleive that I love them both for my own private, strange, and unique reasons.

I don't, and I know I don't—I know that there are millions and millions of people who like Donald because he's not Mickey but not in a way that is mean to the Mouse just in a way that prefers to be slightly off-kilter; and I know that millions and millions of 'educated' people adore Tupac specifcally for transcending the boundary between pedigreed prince and performing pauper in spite of their hopeless failure to relate to the actual things, places, and people he talks about—but to me, when I think about these characters, I feel a sense of privacy.

I feel like I'm in on it.

I feel like I can have a hand in keeping Donald from being phased out of the Disney Empire...a thing that is so totally off-brand for me to like and love and yet, I like and love it. And Donald and I will top those glittering spires and survey an entire and magical kingdom that belongs to someone else but we get to know we keep the fucking place afloat.

I feel like Tupac would have known that I get his performance in a way that most people don't. He would have known that I saw how brilliantly and forward-thinkingly he'd woven a tapestry of scenes together that would ultimately end in his death, but we would grin to each other about it; we would know that—however sad—he thought it was 'worth it' to play the game out to the bitter end and truly pull a Young Guns-esque heist over on the entire music-listening world and I knew it was happening before it happened.

I feel like those moments...that mine and mine alone.

It isn't. But this patch is. And now it can be yours too.