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5" die-cut patch on sponge-yellow felt.EDIT: This is (weirdly) the first colorway of this design that I decided on. Obviously, there are squarepants roots to this and some of the other glyphs I've reappropriated and this scheme pays tribute to that. Also available in the hottest of hot reds. -HB

Revisionist, to be clear, was originally a big rationalization/excuse for the act of going through and remixing someone else's work with the work of someone else, as executed by (probably) me. It was weird, it is weird, and I love it. But something has started to happen.

I'm starting to notice more and more that I'm beginning to revise myself. To revise and revisit my own work. Which is strange in that I'm not intending for that to happen. It's just happening.

And I'm not doing it out of laziness or milking old stuff...it's just that I keep circling back—like some sort of bug—and landing on or near the same points over and over again, cross-pollinating a little more of this, and a little less of that each time.

It's delightful. But sort of sad. As I presume that my fascination with this phenomenon—both as a scientist and an 'artist'—is probably exclusive.

Like, I hope you can like this without understanding where it's come from. Or at least appreciate it as a weird thing to have on your jacket or backpack.