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22 page zine. B&W. 5.5" x 8.5". Edition of 24.This is my kind of book. Obviously: I can't or wouldn't or won't or shouldn't claim any sort of equivalence or coexistence with the body of work put forth by Mr. Lovecraft. He's a legend and I'm not...I'm perfectly comfortable with that.

But. I do find myself wanting to express to you and he and she and anybody else the fact that I love much of his output, and what's more—what's more!—I wanted to take the time to do it in a way that I thought was clever and potentially/possibly could get Mr. Lovecraft a follow. And maybe evne me, too.

It's not to mention that whenever someone is telling or retelling you a list of the things they like, they want to impress you with their strangeness—"Thriller is OK but dude there's this Dangerous B-Side that's REALLY the genius part" etc.—they want to be unique curators of something that belongs to everybody as to show you that it belongs to them a tiny bit more or in a tiny bit different way than it does to anybody else.

And they're right. It does. Or at least, in this case, I'm right.

But! I can't help but want to please you, and so I tried to at least present my favorites—my loves—in a way that would make you chuckle or realize how weird we are. Hashtags? What the FUCK do you think HP would say about a hashtag? And what the FUCK do you think he'd think of something called a 'six word story'? He'd just keep writing and ignore the likes of us.

But at least I got to write this. And at least maybe you'll read The Outsider now. Maybe.

Contains the essay 'Foreground as Background'.