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Laser-engraved brass pen. Black ink.

 I spent the Coronavirus Quarantine of 2020 inside watching a fellow play through all of the God of War games on Twitch. It was...not a bad way to spend that time, and it's really given me an opportunity to sit still, be high, and still connect with something I care about.

In watching through the latest GoW game released in 2018, Kratos is wandering a distinctly Norse world, and in this particular instance, he has a son.

The game is peppered with exchanges between the two, and over time, we see that Kratos is changing—he's evolving—into someone a little less problematic. A little less destructive. A little more considerate of his actions.

Still, he is quick to feed his worldview to his son, and in one particular instance, he tells him, simply: "words mean nothing".

I felt it was a fitting sentiment for a writer to burn into a pen.