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3.5" merrowed-edge patch. 100% embroidery.It's ok to believe in things. It's just not ok to believe in things too deeply or too passionately that you blind yourself to the truths of the world.

Possible exceptions to this guiding light rule about zealotry: Spelling. You can be a zealot about spelling without being a fool. Hot Wheels. I think it's perfectly reasonable to be a zealot about Hot Wheels (as opposed to Matchbox) and not be at all foolish. You must leave room in your heart for Johnny Lightning, however.

You may also find cause to be zealous about a predilection towards one or the other of Saturn's moons. Still: even if you are a no-holds-barred Titan person, it would seem strange if you excluded any and all consideration along the plain of your moral compass for Phoebe and Dione.

And that's about it. Zeal is best left out of all other things. Lest ye be counted a fool.

Uncle Donald will help you remember.